Dave Braxton has skills.


His regular clients will tell you that--and not much more--because they want to keep him to themselves.  Hundreds more satisfied clients (including more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies) agree.  And now, you have this website to take a listen and judge for yourself.


​Dave has become a go-to voice over artist for those who need a conversational, friendly, guy-next-door vibe brought to their projects.  And they bring him back again and again because he can morph from an urban hipster to a pharmaceutical rep to a kung-fu master duck at the drop of a hat.


An award winning audio engineer, Dave delivers pristine recordings from a personal studio.  He can also be reached by ISDN, Skype and phone patch for live sessions.  He's on the West Coast of the U.S., but he's available to work pretty much whenever you need him.  He's like that.


To hear some of Dave's styles, please check out the Demos page.  To see some of the videos that have used his voice, click on the Videos page.  There is a scroll of some well-known clients at the bottom of the Homepage for shameless name-dropping purposes. And please reach Dave for your next voice over project by using the Contact page.  You'll be glad you did.